If you haven't figured it out by the domain name, my name is Greg Cochard. I'm a software engineer, open source advocate[1], and technologist, living in Southern California. I am the creator of VanillaScript[2], hibp-downloader, a Raspberry Pi Pico W based Air Quality Monitor Arduino Sketch, and a main contributor for Alohomora.

You can view my , my , my , and my if you feel so inclined.

DISCLAIMER: The views and opinions expressed on this website/blog/thingy are, and always will be, my own. I will never write anything I don't agree with, and -- perhaps more importantly, I will never put words in the mouths of others (be they my employer[3], or anyone else). If someone wants to agree with what I say, it is their decision to do so.


1. ^ To a point. I think RMS has taken it too far, but he has some valid points; DRM is toxic for example.
2. ^ This was an April Fools' Day joke, but it demonstrates some best practices, so I am still proud of it.
3. ^ Currently Viasat. Check my LinkedIn profile for the source of truth.