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Introducing VanillaScript™

Are you tired of writing JavaScript™ all the time? Want to get rid of the co-branding with Java™? Sick of having to use CoffeeScript to get away from Java™?

All you need to do is start writing VanillaScript! VanillaScript is JavaScript™ without the Java™! It's so much sweeter, it's like you're not even writing JavaScript™!

VanillaScript utilizes the Acorn parser in conjunction with escodegen to generate pure, sweet, vanilla ECMAScript™; from your VanillaScript code files. It is fully tested and has 100% code coverage, so use it with confidence! It will not alter the semantic meaning of your code, and it even leaves your comments intact!

The transpiler runs on node.js and is installable via npm. It is released under the ISC license, so fork it and hack away!


Download it today, and start coding in that rich, sweet vanilla flavo(u)r.

VanillaScript™: It's sweeter than CoffeeScript! — Greg Cochard

Post image used under creative commons CC BY 2.0 and originally published by Augustine Fou.